Surface Problems With Azure

I've been posting about the Surface over the last couple of weeks and I've tried really hard to be positive about it. But there are some serious problems with the device. I've already made a stink about the apps, but this time, I want to talk about the Microsoft ecosystem. I'm working more and more with online services. These vary from storage, such as SkyDrive to Amazon Servers to Azure. And Azure is my problem. I sit here, typing into a device that is really, really close to being fully productive despite being extremely small and light. Really close. And, it's supposed to be a major player within the Microsoft world. It's what the new OS was designed for, or so I thought. But, I might have just found my…
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Presentation Last Week

SNESSUG, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, TSQL
Last week I presented at the Southern New England SQL Server User Group (SNESSUG) where I'm the Program Director. I presented from the book, Dissecting Execution Plans, that is supposed to be published any day now. I kept it basic and it flowed very well. The audience seemed receptive and there were a few questions. Mostly around figuring out what to do when you saw certain problems within the execution plans. Since that was the goal of the presentation, I was ready for most of the questions. I got stumped once on a Constant Scan operation. I finally looked it up this morning and feel silly. Here's the query: INSERT INTO [AdventureWorks].[Person].[Address]      ([AddressLine1]      ,[AddressLine2]      ,[City]      ,[StateProvinceId]      ,[PostalCode]      ,[rowguid]      ,[ModifiedDate] VALUES ('1313 Mockingbird Lane'…
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