Red Gate Crib Sheet Compendium

SQL Server, T-SQL
Red Gate has compiled a bunch of it's Cribsheets into a single E-book, the SQL Server Cribsheet Compendium. It's pretty cool. I've got two entries in there, performance tuning and backups & restores, along with great articles from Robyn Page, Phil Factor, Robert Sheldon and Amirthalingam Prasanna, pretty heady company. It's worth a look.
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Profiler Research

SQL Server
A question came up on SQL Server Central as to why or how Profiler could bring down the production server.  I was aware of the fact that Profiler caused problems and that's why you should always use a server-side trace on production systems. Duh! Of course.... But why? I didn't have an answer. I just "knew" what everyone told me. So I set out to do some research. Initially I hit my favorite source of information on SQL Server (and it should be yours too) the Books Online. Here is what I was reading on the architecture of Profiler. Good, but not enough. I still want more information, so I've gone out a'wanderin' through the interwebs. First, Linchi Shea has this great set of tests comparing Profiler to server side…
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