Performance Data Warehouse

SQL Server 2008
The new functionality coming out with 2008 includes the Data Collector which feeds to the Performance Data Warehouse. I presented this topic at the SNESSUG Heroes Launch event. It's pretty slick functionality. I posted about it once before. A new article by Derek Comingore is available now over at SQL Mag. It's worth the read. The beauty of the new tool is the fact that it's not all that new. It's doing all this work using tools that we know and are comfortable with. This makes it very easy to implement and maintain. I agree with Mr. Comingore and I hope they expand the client to cover SQL Server 2000 and 2005.
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Performance Studio

SQL Server 2008, Tools
I just found out about some new functionality coming out in SQL Server 2008 called Performance Studio. It's actually largely a framework around which you can build performance monitoring routines for an entire enterprise. This sounds terrific. I'm going to dig into a bit and make it my presentation for the¬†Heroes {Community} Launch event at SNESSUG next week. Here's a Technet webcast on the topic. Here's a very nice blog entry over at SQLTeam (I suppose I should ad them to my blog roll) discussing the function of the Data Collector, the foundation for this new framework. Performance Studio only works with 2008 systems though, so that's something to take into account. Although I see an interview with Brad McGehee that says it's not enterprise ready. Another something to take…
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