Query Store at PASS Data Community Summit

SQL Server, T-SQL
While Query Store has been out for quite some time now, released in 2016, there's still quite a lot of missing understanding of what Query Store can do for you, and, how it does it. I've put together a new presentation on the Query Store, "Using Query Store to Understand and Control Query Performance", incorporating the latest stuff from 2022, but still showing you all the goods from 2016, for the PASS Data Community Summit. Why Query Store I've been in love with Query Store since it was released. If you look through my blog, I've been talking about Query Store a lot. I provided a little help to Tracy Boggiano on her book (yes, emphasis on hers, because it is, I just helped), Query Store for SQL Server 2019.…
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Query Tuning At PASS Data Community Summit

The all new, in-person, PASS Data Community Summit is in just a few weeks. Since I'm shortly going to be publishing a 100% rewritten book on query tuning, I decided to take a look at what kind of sessions on the topic are going to be available at the Summit. Query Tuning With The Best You can search through the published sessions here. I didn't even bother typing in "query tuning". Far too lazy. I just typed "query" and already saw some amazing stuff. In no particular order... One of the people I've ALWAYS learned from, Kimberly Trip is delivering a precon, Indexing for Performance. That's going to be a great day of good learning. Kim is insanely knowledgeable and a fantastic presenter. Well worth your time. Erin Stellato, another…
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