When Simple Parameterization…Isn’t

SQL Server 2017
I'm desperately working to finish up a new version of my book on Execution Plans. We're close, so close. However, you do hit snags. Here's one. My editor decided to change one of my queries. I used a local variable so that I got one set of behaviors. He used a hard-coded value to get a different set. However, the really interesting thing was that his query, at least according to the execution plan, went to simple parameterization. Or did it? Simple Parameterization The core concept of simple parameterization is easy enough to understand. You have a trivial query using a hard-coded value like this: [crayon-5cefbc8a68c19590037491/] The resulting execution plan looks like this: The initial, graphical, pointer that we're seeing parameterization is right up there in the SELECT query. You…
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