SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn & A Thorough Setup

SQL Server 2012, SQLServerPedia Syndication
It’s surprisingly easy to set up the new AlwaysOn features. I’ve done it on VMs running on my laptop, from scratch, three times in the last few weeks. It’s easy because there are a set of validations that your run for the cluster and for the AlwaysOn setup that ensure you’re going to get a successful install… or do they? I hit a situation where it didn’t work correctly, so I thought I’d share it in case others ran into it. The setup is straight forward. I have network, contoso (yes, I’m using Microsoft training & documentation, it’s a beta, but you should see it available soon), with a domain controller and five servers all in a failover cluster. They passed the cluster test, so all five are hooked in.…
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