Microsoft Expands Data Centers… Again

Didn't they just do this in the spring? Word is out that they're expanding even more data centers. The cynical take would be that it's really all about the expanded need for data because of XBox One. But I doubt that explains it all. What's happening is that Azure is finally taking off. Note, I didn't say that Azure SQL Databases are taking off. I'm not sure they are. I think it's a combination of the web sites and the virtual machines. I've a feeling that Microsoft's investment is actually going to pay off. Question for you. Have you invested in Azure too? If not, time to get started. I've posted about it multiple times, so I won't insult you with a bunch of links. Just one, connect your existing…
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Learning Powershell

I've been attending a Powershell fundamentals class with Don Jones (blog|twitter). If you read my blog you might be aware of the fact that I've posted a few PowerShell scripts in the past.  So why was I attending a fundamentals class? Because I didn't know what I was doing. I knew going into the class that I needed a better grounding in the fundamentals of Posh, but after the first day of Don's excellent class, I realized that I had been working with PowerShell and didn't have a clue how it really worked. Don's class is excellent and I could spend a lot of time talking about just that (which I'm sure would make Don happy). However I want to concentrate on something that he said during class that really…
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