Database Configuration

Azure, SQL Server 2016
It's amazing just how much the landscape changed with the release of SQL Server 2016 SP1. For example, I just found out that you can disable parameter sniffing at the database level using the database configuration. Not only does this work for SQL Server 2016 SP1, but it's enabled for Azure SQL Database. How Database Configuration Works The syntax is very simple and documented here. So, if I want to disable parameter sniffing for a single database, I can do this: [crayon-5a6d7b15e8b96385590253/] That's it. Done. It works from within the database and doesn't require rebooting or anything else.¬†Changing this setting¬†does flush the cache of all the execution plans for that database. No other actions are necessary. You can control parameter sniffing at the database level. Finally, turning it back on,…
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