Interviewing a DBA

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I'm not a fan of trivia style interview questions. Yes, I ask a few because you have to in order to immediately eliminate the completely unqualified applicants. Even those types of questions, in my opinion, need to be focused on concepts and not syntax. The reason we have the Books Online with SQL Server is because you shouldn't have to memorize every possible command along with all their parameters. Want to know how to write a MERGE query? Look it up. What does a MERGE query do? That you ought to know. I think concepts are important. Questions about the recovery models within SQL Server aren't trivia about the system, they're trying to get to your understanding of how point in time recovery works. I don't really like posting interview…
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Database Screening Questions

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With all the cool kids posting about beginners and interview questions, I thought I'd toss my favorites out there, from the brief-case gang point of view. TheseĀ are theĀ technical phone-screening questions I use after I look at a resume. There are only 10. They're simple. Stupid simple. Silly even. Yet, I can count on eliminating 4 out 5 people who have a resume that looks like a qualified DBA. I've seen people with 10 years experience fail on these questions. I'm only going to provide the questions. If you can't find the answers on your own, you're already disqualified: What is the difference between a clustered and non-clustered index? No, don't tell me that one is clustered and the other is not. I don't need specific low-level information on this, just…
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