Database Fundamentals #20: Using the JOIN Operator, Inner Join

Database Fundamentals
It is entirely possible to try to JOIN two tables on almost any field, as long as the two data types can, in some way, be made to reconcile to each other, you can try to join the tables. But, most database designs assume a much more directly relationship and provide a column or columns in one table that match the identifying column or columns in the other table. INNER JOIN The INNER JOIN will return the parts of both data sets that match. Frequently, what you'll see when joining two tables is the same column name in each table. With that, you have to be sure to identify the owner of each column. I've introduced what is called an alias to make it so I don't have to type…
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INNER JOIN Experiment in Order

SQL Server, T-SQL
And a new blog. Christopher Stobbs, one of the frequent posters over at SSC decided to try his hand at blogging. His first post is up and it's pretty interesting. He ran an experiment with all different orders of tables, largest to smallest, smallest to largest to see if the order in the joins made a difference. For the answer, click
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