Great Article on DBA-Developer Conflict

nHibernate, Object Relational Mapping, TSQL
What a great way to phrase the issue. I love the concept of the people-people impedence mismatch. We're going through it pretty regularly where I work. Our developers are convinced that using an ORM tool, in this case nHibernate, they're eliminating all the problems with the database because they're taking complete control of the database through nHibernate. All code will be on their side of the fence, no more messy stored procedures. All data structures will look like their objects, no more having to figure out those silly JOINS. Best of all, by setting all this up, no more messing with those stupid and obnoxious DBA's. Unfortunately, they're still planning on object persistance (don't call it data storage) inside of a SQL Server database... Um, guys, you haven't eliminated a…
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