Differences In Native Compiled Procedures Execution Plans

SQL Server 2014
All the wonderful functionality that in-memory tables and natively compiled procedures provide in SQL Server 2014 is pretty cool. But, changes to core of the engine results in changes in things that we may have developed a level of comfort with. In my post last week I pointed out that you can't see an actual execution plan for natively compiled procedures. There are more changes than just the type of execution plan available. There are also changes to the information available within the plans themselves. For example, I have a couple of stored procedures, one running in AdventureWorks2012 and one in an in-memory enabled database with a few copies of AdventureWorks tables: [crayon-5a6d1d5e5adbf297131302/] The execution plans are obviously a little bit different, one going against in-memory tables and indexes and the other…
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