Probe Residual on Hash Match

SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQLServerPedia Syndication, TSQL
I have to say, I only recently noticed this on a tool tip: and this in the property sheet: The bad news is, I noticed them while presenting. The worse news is, I said them out loud and then, inevitably, someone in the audience, I forget who it was, might have been Neil Hambly (blog|twitter) said, “What’s that?” Which left me standing there with a slack-jawed expression (one that comes naturally from years & years of practice). I didn’t know. I couldn't remember having seen one before. Here’s a query that you can run in AdventureWorks2008R2 to get a look at this critter: SELECT  soh.PurchaseOrderNumber, soh.AccountNumber, p.Name, sod.OrderQty, sod.LineTotal, cc.CardNumber FROM    Sales.SalesOrderHeader AS soh JOIN Sales.SalesOrderDetail AS sod ON soh.SalesOrderID = sod.SalesOrderID JOIN Production.Product AS p ON sod.ProductID = p.ProductID…
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