SQL Server Log Backups

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While presenting a session on Common Backup Problems both at SQL Saturday in Orange County and at SQL Connections in Las Vegas, questions came up regarding whether, when, and how your databases should be configured in FULL recovery mode and what that means for your recovery plans. To boil the questions down to as simple a single statement as possible: Should your database be in FULL recovery mode at all times which requires you to run log backups on a regular schedule? The same question came up while Brad McGehee(blog|twitter) was presenting a session on using the settings on your SQL Server instance and your database to ensure you got proper performance. We both answered the question the same way, but our emphasis was slightly different. Brad’s answer was that,…
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DBA 101: Why is my log file full?

SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQLServerPedia Syndication
This question comes up constantly in different venues. I see it sometimes 2-3 times a day on SQL Server Central. I know it pops up at least once a week on Ask SSC. I’m sure I’ve seen it on Twitter #sqlhelp. “Why is my log file growing?” and “Why is my log file full” are heard regularly. Or, the variation, “I ran a full backup but the log file is still full/growing.” occasionally comes up. The people asking these questions are frequently, even appropriately, frantic. I’m writing this blog post for two reasons. First, to try to add a little bit of weight to what must surely be one of the most searched for phrases on the internet when it comes to SQL Server. Second, just to have a shorthand…
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