Error: Unknown Property ismemoryoptimized

Azure, SQL Server 2014
If you're starting the process of moving your databases in Azure SQL Databast to v12, you need to do one thing. Make sure you have SQL Server 2014 CU5 or better installed on your machine with Management Studio (current list of updates). Otherwise, like me, you'll be looking at the above error. Just a quick blog post to help out. I saw this error, did a search, and didn't hit a single entry telling me what to do. I started the install of CU6 (I needed to catch up on cumulative updates anyway). While that was happening, I went to Twitter and posted to #sqlhelp to see if anyone else had hit this. I got a response from Amit Banarjee pointing me to this MSDB blog on the topic, reinforcing…
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SQL Server 2005, TSQL
While I was doing some work for Andy Warren (more on this after Sept 1st), I came across an interesting little glitch when saving XML execution plans out as SQLPlan files. It's easy enough to replicate. Just get an XML execution plan from your query: SET STATISTITCS XML ON; SELECT... Click on the link to open the XML plan. Click on the "File" menu and then the "Save As" menu item. It opens the familiar file save window. Click on the "Save as type" drop down and switch to "All Files (*.*)" Save the file with an extension of ".sqlplan." Good. Now you've got an execution plan file that can be opened and viewed as a GUI execution plan. Without closing the XML, try to open this new plan. You…
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SCOM Error

We've been getting a lot of alerts saying "Performance Module could not find a performance counter." It's been making me nuts. I finally did a search on the web and found an entry over on the Operations Manager Product Team blog. It's a known issues with SP1. I'm posting this, not because I'm complaining. I'm not. SP1 solved several issues that I had and I'm very happy to have installed it. Unfortunately, it introduced problems. Just not as many as it solved.
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