Denali & CTP 3

I have Denali installed on a virtual machine on my laptop and I’m working through evaluating it. Actually, I’m working on writing two books using it as the source for the books. But it’s something of a slog, figuring out what’s new, finding out how the new stuff works, seeing if the old stuff broke. Microsoft just released a new guide for doing Denali evals. It’s worth checking out. It might help you short-circuit that discovery process just a little.
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Deprecation, Trace and Execution Plans

SQL Server, T-SQL
As I’m sure you know, Microsoft occasionally changes it’s mind. Or, it makes bad decisions and then rectifies them. Or, it even reinforces bad decisions. Regardless of the purpose, the means by which these changes are implemented when they involve taking things away is deprecation. Usually in SQL Server the deprecation process is supposed to be over three releases. So while seeing something on the deprecation list can be cause for concern if it’s something you like, you certainly don’t need to panic. I’ve finally had a chance to start working with Denali and the place that concerned me most was in the areas of deprecation. I want to make sure that when I suggest a particular approach, that the approach isn’t going to disappear in a version or two.Which…
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