VSTS 2008 Database Edition GDR: Still More First Impressions

Tools, Visual Studio
Following on to my adventures in creating multi-environment deployment processes with the new version of Data Dude (DBPro, VSTS Database Edition, whatever we're calling it this week). I've create a new configuration, copying all the settings from the Debug configuration. I'm adding a new Deployment configuration file and making a change. The deploy worked. Woo hoo! Now to get really funky. I'll create a new "Sql command variables file:" and add a variable for setting the data directory. Now to deploy and... Urk! Failed. It's not recognizing my variable. Now I'm stuck. I've checked the syntax. It's right. I double checked it all and reran deploy. Now it works... Color me confused. Whatever. Successful test. Time to create another configuration, simulating a QA server... Got that working too. I don't…
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