Review: Stellar Repair for SQL Server

SQL Server
I was contacted by Stellar Info quite a while ago. They asked me to try out their software. I said yes, but I was really bad about getting it done. Well, I finally got off my bottom and did the job. So, let's talk about Stellar Repair for SQL Server. Stellar Repair Let's start with the most important piece of information you need: it works. The software itself is really simple to use and just does what you need, repairs your corrupted SQL Server instance. On that alone, I can recommend the tool. However, there are a few gotchas I ran into along the way. Mostly, little stuff. It's things a little polish in the UI and some clean up around language could help out. Don't get me wrong, I'm…
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Targeted Plan Cache Removal

Azure, T-SQL
A lot of times you'll hear how people are experiencing sudden, intermittent, poor performance on a query, bad parameter sniffing at work, so they'll fix it by running the following code: DBCC FREEPROCCACHE(); BOOM! Yeah, you just nuked the cache on your server because you wanted to take out a single terrorist query. Now, yes, that problematic query is going to recompile and hopefully have a better execution plan. Also, so are all the other queries on your system. That spike in CPU and the slow-down all your business people are experiencing... Your fault for going nuclear. Instead of a nuke, why not use a sniper rifle to just remove the one problematic plan. Here's a little piece of code to help out: DECLARE @PlanHandle VARBINARY(64); SELECT @PlanHandle = deps.plan_handle FROM…
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Sharing the Love

SQL Server, T-SQL
Just a few blog posts that you ought to go and read. First up, Tom LaRock maintains a listing of SQL bloggers split up into various cleverly named groups to show you where to go to get good information. This really is an excellent collection of bloggers. It's the people I go to when I need information. Some of them are better resources than the Books Online when they post something. Personally, I've made the list for the last several years, but Tom has decided that I'm worth of elevation, so I've gone from the Model database to the Master database. Thanks Tom. One blog that's not on Tom's list is Tom's blog. You should be reading that regularly too. And congratulations to Tom again on making MCM. Next, one…
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