New England Data Camp Evals

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Anyone reading this who attended the New England Data Camp and filled out an eval, for any of the sessions, thanks. For those 63 evals between the two sessions that I received, thanks. Here are the aggregates on my sessions: Using Visual Studio Team System Database Edition: Average of Knowledge 8.344827586 Average of Presentation 8.482758621 Average of Preparation 8.103448276 Average of Interesting 8.172413793 Average of Overall 8.275862069 Number of Submissions 29 Understanding Execution Plans Average of Knowledge 8.647058824 Average of Presentation 8.617647059 Average of Preparation 8.705882353 Average of Interesting 8.529411765 Average of Overall 8.625 Number of Submissions 34 These are all on a scale of 1-9. I'm really quite happy with the results. Here are the average results for all the speakers and all the sessions at the Data Camp:…
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New England Data Camp v1.0 Results

PASS, SNESSUG, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008
I believe that the very first New England Data Camp was a success. We had about 185 attendees. There 18 sessions from 16 speakers. Both the sessions I gave and the one I sat in on were full. Credit goes to to Adam Machanic who did 90% of the work pulling this together. Amazing job Adam. My personal thanks to our sponsors.  First, Microsoft, who provided us with a magnificent facility, nice swag, a full AV suite, coffee and donuts and in the morning, and a lot of help. It wouldn't have come out as well as it did without you guys. Next, the Professional Association of SQL Server Users (PASS), who supplied us with money, without which we could not have eaten lunch, a few posters to decorate the…
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New England Data Camp v.1.0

PASS, SQL Server 2008, TSQL
It's getting a lot closer to the 24th.  On Saturday, January 24th, the first ever New England Data Camp will launch. We've got a number of speakers registered. Aaron Bertrand and Andrew Novick are guys I've got a lot respect for. I've been to their presentations before and they've been consistently very good.  We've got a few guys I haven't heard of personally, Talbott Crowell, Ayad Shammout, Sunil Kadimdiwan, Igor Moochnick. I'm going to present on execution plans and multi-environment deployments using DBPro (updated from the PASS presentation).  The other presentations cover topics from using the Resource Governor on SQL Server 2008 to Defending SQL Server from Injection Attacks to Create better and more Useful Cubes. It's shaping up to be an actual event. If you're in the neighborhood (New…
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New England Data Camp v1.0

Adam Machanic of the New England SQL Server Users Group (among other things), has contacted the Southern New England SQL Server Users Group to ask us to take part in a one day SQL Server code camp. Of course we said yes. It's taking place at the Microsoft facility in Waltham on Saturday, January 24th. You can register here. If you're interested in speaking, speaker registration is here. I'll be listing the sponsors as they become available, but it will be a PASS event. As information gels around this, I'll continue posting updates.
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