I Don’t Understand

Professional Development
I suspect this may make a few people angry, but I felt the need to share. I was recently asked to go through my contacts and put together calls with some technologists for a series of discussions. OK. I thought about what we'd need, compared it to a mental list of people and what I know about their work in my head and started sending emails. I got in touch with people. Everyone was interested in helping out. It was a win. Later... Well, I talked yesterday about reading that blog post by Susan J. Fowler and the confusion it caused. I just don't understand it. Further, I don't understand it on two levels. Level 1 Acknowledging that I'm the most evil, privileged individual on the planet, cis-gendered white male,…
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I have a Tag

That's a Microsoft Tag. I'm not quite sure what exactly to do with it, but here it is. Evidently you're supposed to take pictures of it with your phone or something and it will lead you back here. I'll have try making a sticker out of it or something. Scary_DBA_Blog_200911172047
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