Slick New Software

SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008
I'm lazy. And frankly, I'm not ashamed to admit it. When a software comes along that can do the work for me, even work I can do just fine on my own, I'm interested. When that software is inexpensive, even better. When it's free... I just got word that Confio is putting together a free version of Ignite, their performance monitoring software. It's basically going to be the current view of performance and not have all the historical tracking and nifty trend reports. Yeah, it's a tease, but it's a tease on a product that focuses on monitoring wait states, something you should be doing. Just remember, reference above, I'm lazy. The thing is, they need some people to help them beta test. Here's the word I received: If you…
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Confio Ignite: Part II

I'm continuing to evaluate Confio's Ignite database monitoring tool. I've had it collecting data on a couple of production servers for about a week now. Based on what I've seen so far, it's looking like a pretty good piece of software. Breaking with the usual tradition, I'm going to talk about the things I'm not crazy about with the software, before I start singing its praises. The first thing, that I thought was missing, but is actually just hard to find, is the ability to look at the query information that Ignite collects, broken down by database. It looks like you should be able to get to it by looking at the Databases tab, but instead you have to first drill down into a time-period, then select specific databases within that time period,…
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