Monitor Cardinality Feedback in SQL Server 2022

SQL Server, You Can't Do That In Profiler
It's possible for you to see new technology at work if you use Extended Events to monitor cardinality feedback. To put it simply, cardinality, the number of rows being returned, is estimated by SQL Server. Sometimes, it gets these estimates right. Sometimes, it gets them wrong. New functionality within SQL Server 2022 uses Query Store to see how well those estimates are working. If they're off, the optimizer can actually change plans to get you different behaviors based on this feedback. There's even more than one way to monitor cardinality feedback. Let's talk about it. Extended Events First up, to really see the full set of behaviors in action, we can use Extended Events: CREATE EVENT SESSION [CardinalityFeedback] ON SERVER ADD EVENT sqlserver.query_ce_feedback_telemetry, ADD EVENT sqlserver.query_feedback_analysis, ADD EVENT sqlserver.query_feedback_validation, ADD…
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