AdventureWorks2012 Bug on Azure

While I have production databases in Azure, I can't exactly experiment with them at will. Further, while they mostly have pretty innocuous data, it's not all public. So, I need a mechanism for creating a database that I can play with in Azure. I use AdventureWorks. I get it. It's not that big (actually a good thing for Azure) and it's not a great database design which doesn't reflect reality (I would argue makes this reflects reality as I've seen it). However, it's a handy resource because you can go to Codeplex and download it. That makes it a great way to teach others because everyone has access to it. But... The other day I download the database and install it on my Azure system. I wanted cleaned up copies…
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AlwaysOn Failover Bug

I just found a little bug in AlwaysOn. It’s actually not that big a deal, but it’s interesting. In a nutshell, if you have a table with an IDENTITY seed less than 1000, when you do a failover the table is reseeded to 1001. The steps to reproduce are posted on this Connect item. If you have feedback on this, please post it directly to the Connect item since I don’t think Microsoft reads my blog much.
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Powershell SMO Problem

We've been running the Enterprise Policy Management tools available from Codeplex for a few months now (Thanks to Buck Woody's (blog | twitter) session at the PASS Summit). They're honestly great. It's a fantastic way to use Policy Based Management on 2000 and 2005 servers. We did hit some issues with timeouts and looking at the script, it made a call to invoke-sqlcmd, but didn't pass the -querytimeout value. That means it default to 30 seconds and the import to database process was taking more than a minute for some of our queries. I did a little looking around and decided to just disable the timeout by passing a value of zero (0). But, I still got timeouts. Finally, after a bit of searching around, I found a closed (because…
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SQL Server 2005 SP3

SQL Server
It looks like it's on schedule for an RSN release (Real Soon Now). For those who can't wait, the latest cumulative update, #10, is available for SQL Server 2005. If you don't know, the cumulative updates are a collection of all the small hot fixes and patches that have been issued by Microsoft over a period of time. Instead of tracking them all down individually, you can get the cumulative update and install it.
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