Announcing a New Book: Query Store for SQL Server 2019

SQL Server
I'm pleased as punch to be able to share with you the fact that I helped Tracy Boggiano write a whole new book on Query Store. It will be available in October. You can pre-order it now. Tracy is a great author and a serious scholar of SQL Server. She's put together an excellent resource on Query Store. I added a couple of chapters just to help her out, but this is truly her book. Query Store is incredibly simple to use. It is however a bear to manage, so getting Tracy's book is a must if you're going to be implementing Query Store on your databases. By the way, you really should be implementing Query Store on your databases. Tracy covers all the topics from reporting with Query Store,…
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Problems with my new book

Professional Development, SQL Server
First off, I apologize. As if writing a book wasn't hard enough, now we get new problems because of on-demand printing. Here's the story. Book. Nine months of writing. Excellent technical editing. Great copy editing. Book complete about six weeks ago. Yay! Now things get fun... Here's how it works. Everyone these days uses digital copies of the book and prints on demand. So Apress is printing some copies of the book, but not all. They send a file out to places like Amazon. Amazon uses that file to print some copies of the book, as needed, on-demand. Everyone is, in theory, printing from the same digital file, creating exactly the same book. Or are they? What happens if, oh, let's just say that a file was corrupted somehow¬†prior to…
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A Book

It's only the E-Book, the print version won't be available for another couple of weeks, but... I HAVE A BOOK PUBLISHED! It's also available here. I can not possibly thank the man who gave me the opportunity, carried my sorry-ass down the track, made me write something that closely approximated English, challenged just about every assumption that I walked in with, in other words, did more to make the book happen than I did, Tony Davis. I also had some simply amazing help from Brad McGehee. Brad must have looked up and double checked every single fact I wrote down because I think he found a correction for most of them. Amazing guys. Thanks so much. When you consider how much time & effort these guys put in, I'm not…
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