Using PowerShell to move files to Azure Storage

Azure, PowerShell
I was searching all over the place to try to find out how to move files into Azure Storage. Most of the examples I could track down were for API calls through C#. There were very few examples using PowerShell, and most of those were for older versions of Azure. But, the one thing I've learned about Azure, it's a fast moving target. Sure enough, in March there were new PowerShell blob cmdlets released. This is great news. I was able to get this to work: [crayon-5b006ea47cb83166137502/] But let's face it, this code makes more sense and is a heck of lot easier to write: [crayon-5b006ea47cb8e313094922/] The problem is, since the stuff has only been out since March, anyone with working code is likely to be using the first sample.…
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Powershell Blog Worth Reading

I don't usually make a big deal about my blog roll. I usually add either people I read regularly or people who ask to be added. I don't have a hierarchy of belonging & all that (yet). But I want to point out one that I just recently put up. Chad Miller, creator of SQL Server PowerShell Extension, blogs about SQL Server & PowerShell. If you're not already reading his stuff, you should. Unlike me, he really knows what he's talking about.
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