Extended Events in AWS RDS

For the longest time, we didn't have one of the most useful tools for monitoring SQL Server behavior, but I just found out that, indeed, you can use Extended Events in AWS RDS. I'm not waiting around. Let's see it in action. Setup For Extended Events in AWS RDS AWS has posted the documentation on what you have to do in order to enable the collection of Extended Events within RDS. Normallly, I'd follow along with the documentation. However, I'm going to approach this like I knew that Extended Events support was there, but I wasn't aware of the docs. So, I'm starting in SSMS and I'm just going to try plugging in the Extended Events GUI to see what happens. Further, I'm going to use the simplest method for…
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AWS Deployment Pipelines

AWS, Deployment Pipelines
I'm at the just barely scratching the surface level of getting started with AWS Deployment Pipelines. Of course, the first thing I want to do with them is get a database deployed. A couple of web searches and I find this bit of documentation from the AWS team. Perfect. Not only is this using AWS tools all the way from Commit (source control) to Build (automation) to Deploy (pipelines), but it's using Flyway for the magic sauce of the database deployment (database deployments need magic sauce). Because I'm just learning, it actually took me two days to get to the point where this code was working. Or rather, where it was supposed to work. There's one small bit missing or changed since that article was published. If you're attempting this,…
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SQL Server Backups on AWS RDS

One of the things I love the most about Platform as a Service offerings is the fact that it makes it so I don't have to do silly things backup SQL Server databases on RDS. However! I'm also a paranoid control freak, aka, a DBA. While I appreciate that AWS has a good backup process and I can test it through recovery of my databases, I still want to do my own backups under some circumstances. Can I backup SQL Server databases on RDS? No and yes. Let's talk about it. Backup SQL Server Databases on RDS I have an RDS SQL Server instance running right now on AWS. I can connect up to it and run the following command: BACKUP DATABASE HamShackRadio; Which results in the following: Msg 262,…
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