Azure SQL Database Automatic Tuning

I really like the automatic tuning aspect of Azure SQL Database. This post is not a full explanation and demo. Instead, I want to point out a small point of management in the portal and your ability to configure Automatic Tuning. Configure Automatic Tuning You can configure Automatic Tuning within the Azure portal one of two ways. First, you can configure it with your server: You can inherit the values from Azure, or manually define them. Regardless of your choice, if you look at the server, you can see that your automatic tuning is configured: This is true on the server, whether I make changes to the configuration, or, just take the defaults as I did. My confusion is on the databases. Let's look at one: If we look at…
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SQL Server Automatic Tuning and sys.dm_db_tuning_recommendations

Azure, SQL Server 2017
In Azure SQL Database for quite some time and now available in SQL Server 2017, Microsoft has put a lot of the knowledge they've gleaned from running more databases that any of the rest of us ever will to work with Automatic Tuning. Automatic Tuning The core of automatic tuning at this point in time (because I'm sure it's going to evolve) is the ability of the query engine to spot when a query has generated a new plan and that new plan is causing performance to degrade. This is known as a regression in the plan. It comes from bad parameter sniffing, changes in statistics, cumulative updates, or the big notorious one, the cardinality estimator introduced in SQL Server 2014 (it's been almost four years, I'm not calling it…
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