ANSI Connection Settings

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It’s reasonably well known that you can get different execution plans if you change the ANSI connection settings. But the question comes up, fairly often, how do you know what the settings are. It’s actually surprisingly simple. They’re stored right inside the execution plan, but they’re in one of the operators that most people ignore. Heck, I used to ignore this operator. Which operator is it you ask? Let’s find out. Let’s use AdventureWorks2008R2 (because I’m lazy). We’ll call one of the stored procedures there like so: EXEC dbo.uspGetBillOfMaterials @StartProductID = 0, -- int     @CheckDate = '2011-03-10 02:31:39' – datetime If you execute this with “Include Actual Execution Plan” enabled you’re likely to end up with the following execution plan: Don’t worry about the fact that you can’t really…
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