Getting Started on AWS RDS

I'm expanding my skill set into AWS in a big way. So, one of the things I do when I'm learning a technology is to write blog posts about that tech. So, prepare yourself for a bunch of info on AWS. I'll be working with RDS, which will include SQL Server & PostgreSQL for certain. I'll also be posting quite a bit on AWS DevOps as I get into it. The usual stuff, including SQL Server, query tuning, Extended Events, Azure, Azure DevOps, and all the rest is not going away. I'm just adding another topic. Today, we're getting started on AWS RDS. Creating an RDS Instance The thing is, there's a lot of documentation available on getting started on AWS RDS, directly from Amazon. It's embedded neatly into the…
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I Don’t Care

It's funny how certain sentences can both accurately reflect a situation and communicate entirely the wrong message. When thinking about cloud-based data management, things come down to a simple, if misleading, statement; I don't care. I don't care about operating systems or servers or disks. I need to have a database and it needs to be available and I need a reasonable assurance of performance. Within those parameters, I just don't care if the OS is patched or not, if the SAN is configured perfectly. I could care less if there are appropriate alerts on the internal network switches. None of that matters to me a whit. I just don't care about any of that because I'm focused on building a database and writing code and getting an app online. The infrastructure just needs to…
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