Does Query Store Pre-Allocate Space

SQL Server 2016, TSQL
I love the questions I get while I'm presenting because they force me to think and learn. The question in the title is one I received recently. The answer, now that I'm not┬ástanding in front of people, is easy. Of course the space is not pre-allocated. Query Store tables are just system tables. They have a limit on how big they can grow (100mb by default), but that space isn't going to be pre-allocated in any way. The space will just get used as and when it's needed, just like any other system table. However, don't take my word for it,┬álet's prove that. The Test Testing whether or not enabling Query Store is straight forward. Here's a query that should give us information rather quickly: [crayon-5a6d7d6d54d6b539871406/] The results come back…
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