Thank you

I somehow made the Top 10 Community Choice Bloggers in the SQL Server Magazine 2011 awards (keep scrolling to the bottom). This was evidently a write-in list and some of you who read my rambling attempts to understand this SQL Server stuff thought enough to actually write down this blog. I’m completely and utterly gobsmacked, humbled, surprised… and yeah, happy. #6 …. Wow! Thank you. Gotta go get some posts written now.
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SQLServerPedia Award Votes

SQLServerPedia Syndication
This is just another reminder to please vote for my blog post on using PowerShell Remoting with SQL Server. It's a post I'm proud of. Also, I think that Gail Shaw (blog|twitter) is one heck of a great blogger. She has multiple posts in several categories. She's extremely deserving of your vote. She might even get the most votes overall, another thing I think she deserves. I've learned tons and tons from all the information she puts out there. The least she deserves is a little chunk of plexiglass for all that hard work. So vote for all her posts.
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