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It’s now running until Friday April 24th. That’s good news if you couldn’t get yourself together by this Friday. However, I wonder if they’re also extending the time for the committee to make it’s decisions? That means extended worry and sweat for those of us who have already submitted abstracts. But, on the other hand, if they haven’t extended the committee’s deadlines, then that means those guys are going to be working their behinds off to meet the original date (end of May).

I also wonder if it means that they’re not getting enough abstracts or if the quality of the abstracts has slipped? New this year you can check out the abstracts to see what others have submitted. That makes for some interesting reading, but now I’m wondering if it’s scared people off. I mean, if you saw that Itzik Ben Gan had submitted a tips & tricks session for TSQL, are you going to put one in as well? Well you should! Last year I think there were two or three different sessions talking about “worst” practices for TSQL (Gail Shaw’s “The Dirty Dozen” was the best though). So you can submit abstracts that, on the surface, appear to be duplicates of others. You’re going to provide a unique point of view on the information and people may connect with you better than with some of the big name stars (yeah, I know it’s unlikely, but that’s what I keep telling myself).

Get out there and submit your abstract.


  • I must admit, there weren’t as many abstracts as I expected when I looked through them. Though that may just mean people are leaving it to the last second (like I am)

  • Heh, yeah, I remember hearing that there were something like 5-6x more submissions last year than they had slots, and that certainly doesn’t seem to be the case this year. I seriously hope this isn’t an indicator that the economy is forcing people to avoid travel THIS much.

  • scarydba

    Yeah, if that’s the issue, I find that truly scary.

    I suspect it’s because of being able to see the other submissions. I don’t want to compete head-to-head with Adam Machanic, Gail Shaw, Itzik Ben-Gan, etc.. Last year ignorance was bliss. I didn’t know who had submittted anything so I was happy to put things in. This year I keep looking back and thinking, “Well, there goes that one.”

  • Well last year there were over 120 sessions presented, so there must have been close on 600 submissions. Currently I count 224 submissions.

    I hope it’s just a case that everyone’s waiting til the last second.

    Oh, and if anyone’s worried about the cost of their travel, I will happily swap with them. *evil grin*

  • I was really planning to submit an abstract this year, but I’m not 100% that I’ll be able to attend. I will submit mine anyway and use that as more fuel for the fire to allow me to go.

  • scarydba

    Gail, yeah, that’s true. They’ll HAVE to take me…. maybe.

    Wendy. Go for it. The absolute worst thing that can happen is they won’t say yes. Or, thinking of it another way, the worst thing that can happen is that they’ll say yes.

  • Grant!

    Still in the hospital (did get my gall bladder out) but since you’ve asked before, I wanted to let you know that I did get three of my PASS proposals submitted. Of course between my gall bladder, the nargotics painkillers and this crappy hospital keyboard, only heaven knows how bad they are.

    I haven’t got the time or patience (or keyboard, really) to try and find them at PASS and then cut and paste them here, so maybe you can find them for now.

    The ones I submitted are the same ones that I have given locally so far: 1) The Top Ten reasons You arent already using Service Broker. 2) There Must Be 15 ways to Lose Your Cursors. and 3) Injected, infected neglrected, defectect dejected and Selected! How to use Dynamic SQL Safely While Avoiding SQL Injection.

  • scarydba

    Feel better man.

    I’ll swing by & take a look at the abstracts.

    I can forgive the typo’s, but I’m not so sure I can forgive not sharing whatever entertaining chemical you’re currently using.

  • Dilaudin, dude. LOTS of it. OMG, I was on that stuff for 5 days! By the time they took me off it, I thought I had X-Ray vision and could sprout adamantium claws from my knuckles!

  • scarydba

    yeah, but the real question is, did you spring adamantium claws from your knuckles. I could really do with a set of those.

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