Running Containers In a Virtual Machine

The more you work with containers, the more you just want to work with containers. However, there are still reasons to have a virtual machine for some types of workloads. So, what if you want to work with containers inside a virtual machine. Is that possible? Yes, and shockingly easily. Enable Virtualization In Virtualization I knew from conversations I've had previously that running Docker inside a virtual machine was possible. I just didn't know the details. So, with a complete lack of knowledge, I did the most expedient thing possible: I installed Docker in a VM and started it up. Now, let's talk about my setup for a moment. My laptop is running HyperV as my hypervisor. You have to have some type of hypervisor for Docker to work. I'm…
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Getting Started in a SQL Server 2017 VM in Azure

SQL Server 2017
You say you're ready to dip your toes in the Azure ocean? Come on in, the water's fine! Oh, you want to really dip your toes. You're starting with Virtual Machines? OK. I guess. It's not where the real excitement is. You should be checking out Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse and CosmosDb and... VMs. OK. Let's get you started. Set up Azure First Microsoft maintains seriously good documentation on how to work with Azure. I'm honestly blown away by how much information there is and how well written it is. In fact, everything I'm about to tell you is documented better, here. However, I'm going to give you the TLDR version. First, you have to have an Azure account. If you have an MSDN license, that…
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