Explicitly Drop Temporary Tables Or Wait For Cleanup?

SQL Server, SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2017, T-SQL
I was recently asked if we are going to see performance differences if we explicitly drop temporary tables. I couldn't remember the specifics, but I said it actually didn't matter. However, that answer has bugged me, so I set up a quick test. Explicitly Drop Temporary Tables We could make this a crazy set of tests, but I wanted to keep things relatively simple. I created two procedures that create identical temporary tables. One drops the tables, the other doesn't: [crayon-5bfdfd9659e9b898697505/] I then set up Extended Events to capture the query metrics and I executed each of the queries multiple times (also, just for the test, I discarded the results because I didn't want that process mucking with my measurements). After executing both procedures 500 times, the results were quite…
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