Azure, PowerShell, Databases and the PASS Summit

Azure, PowerShell
I am quite honored to say that I am speaking at the single largest and most important Microsoft Data Platform conference in the world, PASS Summit 2017. Now, I'm excited to say that I get to speak on three topics that are near and dear to my heart, Azure, PowerShell and databases. The session is called Using PowerShell to Manage Your Azure Databases. You can read the abstract there at the link. I'm going to go through a whole bunch of the database types on Azure and show how you can manage each. I'm not sticking to SQL Server. We'll cover MySQL, Cosmos and others. Let's get together and talk about these topics. Azure adoption is growing like mad. You're going to need to automate it, so PowerShell is your…
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Luck and the PASS Summit

I recently read an article asking the question whether or not we downplay the role that luck plays in our lives and I immediately thought of the PASS Summit. Obscenely Lucky I am, quite frankly, embarrassingly, obscenely, stupidly lucky. I just am. I married WAY over my head. I stumbled into an amazing career. I can safely say that I've arrived where I am through a great amount of luck. I am quite grateful for it all too. I will only suggest a single point of agency on my part that has put me in this wonderful situation. I showed up. PASS Summit 2005 I went to the PASS Summit in 2005 in Grapevine. Mostly, I attended sessions and then went back to my hotel. However, one night, after talking…
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