SQL Server Standard

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PASS is relaunching the SQL Server Standard with a wholly new approach and format. I'll put more out about it as it becomes available. I just wanted to get the word out now, as far and as wide as I can. Basically submissions are open for articles. We're only interested in publishing experienced writers who've published in some other tech-reviewed medium (Simple-Talk, books, SQL Server magazine, the old SQL Server Standard, are a few examples).  If you're interested, send me a direct tweet @GFritchey or an email to grant.fritchey -at- sqlpass.org. All the details will be published soon over at the PASS web site. Short info for those interested: experienced writers who are members of PASS abstracts can be 4-6 sentences describing the thrust, scope & length of the article…
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SQL Server Standard Article Available

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Unfortunately PASS decided to put the SQL Server Standard to sleep right after I got an article published in it (and no, it wasn't my fault). However, PASS, being the service oriented organization that they are, has decided to make back issues of the magazine available online. So, to read the article I wrote comparing various methods of retrieving versioned data using different TSQL constructs, click this link. Go to page 14. Oh yeah, and you can see other peoples articles here too. There are other things coming out of the editorial committee soon (although I need to get one of them done myself... yikes).
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