IT/Dev Connections 2017

Database Lifecycle Management, DevOps, SQL Server 2016
I'm very honored to be able to announce that I am going to be speaking at IT/Dev Connections in San Francisco. I'm not just speaking there, I'm presenting an all day seminar on the tools needed for query tuning. The title does say SQL Server 2016, but most of the tools I'll cover can be used be used from SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2017. I'll also throw in a few SQL Server 2017 tools just to spice things up. If you're looking for a lot of information about how to get your query tuning done, I'm here to help. I'm also going to be talking about two other favorite topics of mine, DevOps and Monitoring. Please check it out and join me at this event.
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Reading Your Execution Plans

SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014
I'm putting the finishing touches on the all day seminar on execution plans that I'll be putting on at DevConnections this year. I have tons of examples to show you how to interpret execution plans as part of query performance tuning. We'll be able to fill our time. However, I've got a pretty high degree of flexibility on which examples I use. With that in mind, I'd love it if you could bring in your own execution plans that you'd like some help reading. I won't guarantee a solution for your query problems, but I promise to read through it and make some suggestions. If you have an execution plan that you don't mind sharing with the group and you'd like a little consulting time on tuning the query, bring it…
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A Full Day of Query Tuning

SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, TSQL
I'm excited to able to say that I've been given the opportunity to put on a full day workshop at SQL Connections on Friday, September 19th, 2014. The title is "Query Performance Tuning in SQL Server 2014", but I assure you we're going to cover things that are applicable if you're still working on SQL Server 2005. We'll start the day covering the different mechanisms you have to capture query metrics. We'll go over dynamic management objects and extended events that are incredibly important to you in understanding which queries you need to tune. We'll get an introduction into how the optimizer works and the importance that statistics, indexes and constraints play in helping the optimizer make the choices it makes. I promise, execution plans will be covered throughout the…
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Connections Sessions Evals

SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, TSQL
I've kind of been embarassed to post these despite the fact that I received them a couple of weeks ago. Overall, I'd say they're very good, and I'm quite proud of them, but one comment still has me upset. Anyway, here we go: DMV's For Performance Tuning (same session as PASS): 7 responses Q1. Speaker's knowledge of topic Your average score for this session: 4.0 Highest score (all SQL speakers for this question): 4.0 Mean average score (all SQL speakers for this question): 3.74 Lowest score (all SQL speakers for this question): 3.0 Q2. Speaker's presentation skills Your average score for this session: 3.86 Highest score (all SQL speakers for this question): 4.0 Mean average score (all SQL speakers for this question): 3.47 Lowest score (all SQL speakers for this…
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SQL Rockstar tells me that unless there are photo's, it didn't happen. Brad McGehee published some pictures from DevConnections. See, I really do try to get people to buy my book... uh, I mean present technical sessions at conferences. Note the laptop with the styling stickers from: SQL PASS SQL Batman (defunct) SQL Serverpedia SQL Server Central Thrive SQL Server Bible SQL AgentMan SQL Rockstar One of these things is not like the others...
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SQL Connections

SQLServerPedia Syndication
I'm flying off to the SQL Server Magazine Connections part of DevConnections in Las Vegas later this afternoon. I'm presenting three sessions while I'm there, Wednesday & Thursday. I'm hanging around on Friday. Please track me down if you want to chat. Wednesday I'll be putting on "Scouting Out Execution Plans" in the morning, 9:30-10:45AM. Thursday I've got two sessions, "MUQT: More Unnecessary Query Tuning" from 8:00-9:15AM (which should be a lot of fun at a developers conference), and "DMV's for Performance Tuning" from 11:45-1:00PM. I've brought bribery material (signed books) to encourage interaction, so please stop by, ask questions, make comments, just don't throw things (except for money). I'll blog a recap of each day from my point of view. I won't be live-blogging the key notes because I'm not registered…
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SQL Server Central Track at Connections

Misc, SQLServerPedia Syndication
This year at SQL Connections, there will be a new track, the SQL Server Central track (scroll down). I've been honored to be selected to present two different sessions on that track, MUQt or More Unecessary Query tuning (pronounced MUCK) and Scouting Out Execution Plans. I'm on a list with a bunch of speakers that... well, WOW is all I can say. I almost wish I wasn't presenting (almost) so I can just attend their sessions & learn stuff. Anyway, for those that won't or can't make the PASS Summit in Seattle, I hope I catch up with you in Las Vegas (where I'm told that anything that happens will remain in place, or something, is it a transaction rollback do you think?).
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