Learning Azure From The Web

I'm working on a technical blog post that I hope to be putting up soon. I've run into a number of configuration issues that I'm working through. However, it's these issues that sparked this blog post. See, we're learning Azure all wrong. Use Google/Bing What's the first thing you do when you hit a problem on your computer, regardless of the language, the technology, etc.. Wrong! You don't call your son-in-law who "works in computers." That's what my mother-in-law does. We already "work in computers" so we have another resource. Bingle/Ging/Boogle. We run a search. So, let's say for example I'm interested in learning about an Azure Powershell command: Set-AzureRMDiagnosticSetting. Here are the first two results from Google (as of this date, 4/3/2017, or for all my UK friends, 3/4/2017,…
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Internet Searches

SQL Server 2008, TSQL
I like to look at the searches that pop up as links into the blog just for ideas on posts. What the heck do I do with this one: "nested loop joins" "sql server 2008" Yes, SQL Server 2008 has Nested Loop Joins. They do the same thing in 2008 that they did in 2005 and 2000.
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