Extended Events Misperceptions: Profiler is Easier

SQL Server
I know, I know, I'm on #teamexevents so I think that Extended Events can do no wrong, but let's address this thought that Profiler is easier. Now, if we're strictly talking knowledge, sure, if you've got a lot of experience with Profiler/Trace and very little with Extended Events, of course Profiler is easer. However, what I'm told is that Profiler doesn't require very much set up, while Extended Events does. That's just wrong, but let's put it to the test. The Test For the comparison, we're not going to do anything special with either tool. I'm just going to start collecting query data with the fewest possible clicks and/or key strokes. I'm going to use both tools short cuts to make this as fast as possible. The goal is, click,…
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Get That Profiler Feel in Extended Events

SQL Server, SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2017
I know. You love Profiler. I hear you. You're wrong, but that's OK. Kidding... mostly. Unfortunately though, I think a lot of what passes for issues and problems with Extended Events is actually a lack of knowledge about how they work. Let's take an example and run with it. No Grid in Extended Events One of the pushbacks I hear about using Extended Events is that the Live Data GUI just doesn't have that neat Profiler grid output. Instead you see a list of events in the top pane and then you have to look at the details in the bottom pane. It looks like this out of the gate: You're right. That's a royal pain. That's it. Toss Extended Events. Back to Profiler. Well, hang on a second. Let's…
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