The Learning Curve for DevOps

AWS, Azure, DevOps
If you're attempting to implement automation in and around your deployments, you're going to find there is quite a steep learning curve for DevOps and DevOps-style implementations. Since adopting a DevOps-style release cycle does, at least in theory, speed your ability to deliver better code safely, why would it be hard? Why is there a Learning Curve for DevOps? I recently did a presentation on a simple Continuous Integration process. Here are the tools that I used in the demo: Local Git repositoryVS CodeAzure Data StudioAWS CodeCommitAWS CodePipelineAWS CodeBuildAWS RDS PostgreSQLShell commandsYAMLDockerFlyway Also, I regularly present using Azure DevOps Pipelines too. Here's the list of tools that might be in a given demo: Local Git RepositoryVS CodeAzure Data StudioAzure Git RepositoryAzure DevOps PipelineAzure DevOps AgentRedgate DeployAzure SQL DatabaseYAMLPowerShelltSQLt While there…
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