Find Queries Using a Key Lookup Operator

SQL Server
While teaching about Extended Events and Execution Plans last week, Jason, one of the people in the class, asked: Is there a way in Extended Events to find queries using a Key Lookup operation? Sadly, the answer is no. However, you can query the Execution Plans in cache or in the Query Store to find this. Thanks for the question Jason. Here's your answer. Finding Key Lookups Since we can't have Extended Events just feed us the information, we have to query the plans. That means pulling out data from the XML. So, to find queries that are using the Key Lookup operator, we can do this: SELECT DB_NAME(detqp.dbid), SUBSTRING( dest.text, (deqs.statement_start_offset / 2) + 1, (CASE deqs.statement_end_offset WHEN -1 THEN DATALENGTH(dest.text) ELSE deqs.statement_end_offset END - deqs.statement_start_offset ) / 2…
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