Combine Extended Events and TagWith to Monitor Entity Framework

SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2017, T-SQL
I'm going to start with a sentence that makes a lot of people crazy; As a DBA and database developer, I love Entity Framework. That's right. Entity Framework is the bomb. It's amazing. It does wonderful stuff. Entity Framework makes the developers lives and jobs easier. It makes my life and job easier. Yes, Entity Framework will improve your job quality and reduce stress in your life. With one caveat, it gets used correctly. That's the hard part right? There is tons of technology that makes things better, if used correctly. There are all sorts of programs that make your life easier, if used correctly. Yet, all of these, used incorrectly, can make your life a hell. One nit that I've always had with Entity Framework is that it's very…
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I Love Entity Framework

I love Entity Framework. I also like (not love) nHibernate. That's right, as a DBA and data professional, I'm telling you I love Object/Relational Mapping tools (ORM). I think this is a technology set that the DBA needs to more tightly embrace. Let me tell you why. Most of the Queries I know that the biggest pushback against Entity Framework (EF) and it's fellow ORM tools is that they generate crap code. I know this to be true. I've seen it. ORM tools can, and do, generate seriously poor T-SQL. That's not to mention the N+1 problem and a few others. However, as you see from the article in that link, these problems and how to avoid them are very well defined. You don't have to suffer from the issues.…
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