Containers: Create a Custom Container

Creating a custom container is where things get truly exciting. There's actually a ton of work and knowledge around this. To start with, I'm going to keep it simple. I'm going to create a container with a database & some data and a couple of general customizations. From that, we'll create our own container. To understand why I've got a series on containers, read here. Setting Up a Custom Container To start with, I'm going to spin up a container with nothing fancy: [crayon-5cf4d2851e0a7132701505/] With this running, let's connect up and make some changes: [crayon-5cf4d2851e0b5864538858/] With that in place, let's shut down the container and create an image: [crayon-5cf4d2851e0bb624416921/] That's it. Now it's time to test it. Consuming a Custom Container Now, it's just a question of treating it like…
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