Visual Studio Team System Database Edition GDR RC

Tools, Visual Studio
I'm a bit late to notice this, but Gert Drapers announced on Monday that the release candidate for VSTSDBE, or good ole VSDB as I've decided to call it, is now available. I figured they'd do something during the Professional Developers Conference (where supposedly a new printing of my book was being given out). Now I need to get on the stick & upgrade my virtual... maybe. According to the post, functionality hasn't changed. Maybe I should just leave everything alone on my machine until after PASS... Nah! I'll post progress for the uninstall, the install and the recreation of the compound project.
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VSTS 2008 Database Edition GDR

Visual Studio
OK. I'm jazzed about this. I'm diving in to test it out & try it out. <kicking desk> I can't convert existing projects to it... CRUD! Fine. Reverse engineering a database and then building all the customizations by hand will be a good learning experience. Yes, that sound you hear is my teeth grinding, not tectonic plates shifting... CRUD! A quick & easy test, no real work was that too much to ask?
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