SQL Azure Migration Wizard

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There’s a project over on code plex to come up with a mechanism for validating databases and generating the necessary scripts to allow you to move those databases, and data, over to SQL Azure. It’s called the SQL Azure Migration Wizard. There’s no real install yet since it’s just a beta. You can download the executable and run it. It’s pretty straight forward stuff. It’s primarily focused on validating that there is a database, script or series of calls (from a trace event file) that will be properly compatible with SQL Azure, but it can also generate a deployment script from the database. Here’s the opening screen: Not much to it. I’ll walk you through the Analyze and Migrate path which covers most of the functionality of the app. Clearly,…
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SQL Azure Deployments

You’ve set up your access to a SQL Azure site so you’re ready to go. Now how do you get your database up there? Well, TSQL works just fine, so you can script it all out to a file or set of files and apply them. Because you can connect with SSMS, you could use the GUI to build out your database. You can also use the Azure development platform and it’s web based GUI to create your database structures. Personally, the scripting method doesn’t seem too bad to me because you can get your code into source control that way. But, Microsoft has something additional in mind. It’s called Data-tier Applications or DAC for short (and yes, there are other things called DAC in SQL Server, what can I…
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Visual Studio Team Edition for Databases 2008

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Great news. All the processes we had created for automating our deployments and builds in VSDB 2005 work in VSDB 2008. Bad news. All the work arounds and crutches we had to figure out and maintain are still necessary. I've heard that it makes the MS guys crazy, but we found that the only way to get the configurations to work with VSDB 2005, and now 2008, was to check-in the .USER file along with the code. This then needed to be checked out of source control, replacing the local copy (and heaven help you if you don't use a forced get on the check out) before doing any work with the project. I did a full build & deploy from 2008 through our usual batch file. No problems at…
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