Azure Data Studio Intellisense

SQL Server
I recently saw a question about the Azure Data Studio Intellisense: "Why won't intellisense in Azure Data Studio work with different schemas?" Immediately I thought, "Wait, it does." But, testing is your buddy. Azure Data Studio Intellisense Azure Data Studio Intellisense is on by default. Also, I like it a little better than the one in SSMS because it will start trying to help you, as you type (like a 3rd party software I can't live without). However, they're partly right. Let's say I want 'Person.Address' so I start typing like this: It doesn't know that I have a table named 'Person.Address'. It's trying to be helpful. You can even see how it's doing a form of wild card search, suggesting that maybe 'db_accessadmin' is what I want since it…
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