PASS Data Community Summit 2021: I’m Excited!

I sincerely hope this isn’t the first time you’re hearing about the Pass Data Community Summit that’s coming up in just a few weeks on November 8-12, 2021. But, just in case you haven’t heard, let me tell you about a few things I’m personally excited about.


There is a ton of stuff getting worked on to make this an interactive event. Even though this will be an online event (and a free one), we’re doing everything we can think of to get you a community experience. We’re providing mechanisms for all sorts of different networking. You’ll be able to give a few virtual hugs to those you’ve missed.


Check out the list of sessions. Everything from straight up, good, old fashioned query tuning in SQL Server, to the latest Azure information. It’s all here in 239 different sessions.

Also, take a look at the speakers. Industry notables like Anna Hoffman. My own coworkers like Divya Alagarsamy. Community favorites like Denny Cherry, Erin Stellato and Carlos Robles. New (to me) people I haven’t had the chance to learn from like Denisha Malone.

We’ve also recreated Learning Pathways. These are guided courses that will give you a lot of what you need to know to learn a topic, in order, so you can build your knowledge. I’m honored to say that I’m getting to present one of these, the Query Tuning pathway. I’m kicking it off at the start of your query tuning journey, how the heck do you figure out which queries to tune. Then you get Hugo, Kim, Erin, Itzik and our Pathway organizer, Allen White. I promise, you’ll learn the basics on query tuning from this crew.

Summit is an incredibly opportunity to pick up tips and tricks or all new technical know-how from, let’s just say it, the best in the business. It’s also the most diverse group of speakers in all of the history of the Summit.

Personal Growth

Let’s get serious a moment. I’m really excited to be able to share that I’m putting on a precon with a fantastic team from Redgate Software. The reason I’m excited is because I haven’t worked with a team on a precon like this, let alone such an amazingly diverse team. When I talk about personal growth and Summit, I’m talking about my own. This is a wonderful and rare opportunity and I’m honestly excited that I get to share it with amazing individuals.

More than that, we’re putting on our, yes, paid, precon and donating the proceeds to charity. We’re not taking money for ourselves. Instead, we will be donating everything to Black Girls Code. When you register for our precon, this vital, important, charity is where the money is going.

Yeah, I’m pretty excited about that too.


Finally, I’m excited because this Summit, well, how to put this? It’s back from the dead? Reanimated?

I do not want to talk about what happened in the past. Instead, I absolutely want to focus on the future. Redgate Software, a commercial organization, is putting on this year’s Summit, yes. However, go back up to the links. Take a look at the speakers. Heck, go here and look at the sponsors. Sharp eyes will note that competitors are helping to sponsor the event. Why? Because it’s a community event. Microsoft is engaged, in a huge way. We have a large number of Microsoft engineers putting on live sessions, panels, Q&A sessions, and other interactive discussions. If you’re working around Azure or the Microsoft Data Platform, this is a must-attend event, just like it’s always been.

Summit has always been about bringing people together. Redgate is doing everything it can to deliver the spirit, the essence, the community, that you would expect to see at Summit.

Now that, that’s something to get excited about.

Please, join me. This event is 100% free this year (you can also add an all-day precon if you like, they’re as reasonably priced as they’ve ever been). Go here and register now.

Get excited. Our community/family reunion is back on for another year.

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