Do More, With Less

Next week, July 22 and 23, I’ll be presenting at Redgate Summit. Summt is our smaller, focused sessions. This one is about the concept of how DevOps, or, more accurately, a DevOps mindset, can enable you to do more with less.

The idea that someone will automate themselves out of a job is something I’ve always found humorous. I say this because, when I first started figuring out how to automate database deployments, I was only actively supporting 1-2 teams of developers. When I finally had a mostly automated deployment methodology, I was supporting 5-7 teams. In short, I didn’t have less work because of the automation, I had more.

The trick is, you need to engender a mindset that does two fundamental things. First, focus on automation. If you’re doing things manually, multiple times a day/week/month, you’re doing it wrong. Second, break down those barriers between teams. Foster communications. These are the fundamentals of a DevOps mindset. There’s more to it. Come to the session to find out.

Please follow this link, get registered, and come attend this session. It’s short, only about 20 minutes, and there’s time afterwards for discussion. If you want to, you can stick around for a second discussion. On the 22nd, we’ll be talking about the unique problems in finance with Tobias Riley. On the 23rd, it’ll be the data & DevOps challenges in healthcare with Joshua Higginbotham. Please, join us.

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