The Very Best of Extended Events

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be putting on a number of different sessions teaching about the tools supplied by Microsoft, for free, that can help you when tuning your queries. One of the most important of these tools is Extended Events.

A couple of my sessions in the Redgate Community Circle livestream “Built-in Tools Make Query Performance Tuning Easier” will be on Extended Events. My livestreaming starts tomorrow, April 21, at 2pm Eastern. It will be recorded and made available for free. Follow the link for all the details, or, just subscribe to Redgate’s YouTube account.

I’m also going to be hosting a fundamentals introduction to Extended Events, “The Easy Way to Extended Events.” Heck, I’m even going to be hosting a session showing how to use Extended Events with Redgate SQL Monitor (not a part of the Community Circle content, so I won’t share the link here. You can track it down).

However, it’s really important to me that you understand just how powerful and amazing a tool Extended Events is. Further, that you have some resources to get going on this. So, I reached out to a bunch of friends and acquaintances and just some rando’s on the internet to compile a list of the very best of their Extended Events posts.

I’ll be sharing and promoting these links in all my upcoming sessions. They’re in the published slide decks. However, I also want to share them here.

Best Extended Events Posts

These are in the order in which I received them, so no preferences of any kind are being shown. I’d recommend looking through each and every one of them. Not only do they show the incredible power and versatility of Extended Events, but they show some really useful stuff to make your jobs easier.

Erik Darling:
William Durkin:
Jes Schultz:
Marcin Gminski
Greg Moore
Eduardo Pivaral
Gianluca Sartori
Aaron Bertrand
Erin Stellato
Jason Brimhall
Eric Cobb
Dave Mason

Thanks to everyone who submitted a post or a link. You’ve done some amazing work. I’m really happy to be able to share it with others.

If anyone else out there would like to see their work with Extended Events promoted, it’s not too late to get added to the list for my sessions.

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