Missing #SQLFamily? Check This Out.

I am an introvert.

Lots of people don’t believe it, but it’s true. However, I really do love getting to see my #SQLFamily all over the world in my travels with Redgate Software.

Unfortunately, our current situation is such that almost no one is travelling and all the events are cancelled or postponed.

Redgate Software is here to help.

Redgate Streamed

We’ve decided to pull together a virtual event with a bunch of great speakers, people you know and love, and put on an educational event that is absolutely community focused. Yeah, OK, it’s virtual. However, we’re going to do all we can to make it as much like an in-person event as possible. We’re going to connect up a ton of different software to make it possible for the #SQLFamily to get a little bit of time together in the midst of our current situation.

Heck, we’re even going to host a Pub Quiz (in honor of the one I’m going to miss at SQLBits this spring). My idea by the way.

In addition to the great, free, training we’re going to be hosting, for every registration, we’re going to donate to the WHO Covid-19 response fund.

My Selfish Addition

The one thing I insisted on when we started to put this together is that I get one session dedicated to Extended Events.

That’s right! You know how I’ve offered, several times, and that offer stands, to do ad hoc classes on Extended Events at any conference you find me? Well, now we’re going to do that session, live, AND, see that it’s recorded. This way, you can see what I’m talking about when it comes to Extended Events, on your own schedule.

I’ll still happily spend time with any of you at any event we find ourselves talking about Extended Events, but this way, I get the word out to as many people as possible.

Join Us

Please, follow the link. Check out the sessions. We’ve asked great speakers to give some of their best sessions. We’re going to make this as interactive as possible. We’re going to have a #SQLFamily event. Let me repeat, this is community content.

Come join us!

I’ll be creating several more blog posts talking about the speakers and their topics over the coming week in preparation for what, I hope, is a useful, educational, and maybe just a little bit fun, virtual event.

EDIT: Also, check out what Kendra Little has to say about this event. It’s all her idea anyway.

And, the amazing Annabel Bradford adds her own spin.

My friend and coworker Kathi Kellenberger also has a post.

Please let me know what you think about this article or any questions:

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